• Mum or Dad lsolated?

    Many people can’t use laptops, tablets or smartphones.

    Phone calls just aren’t enough.

    Amba – Never be Lonely Again

Amba Tablet



Why Amba

We want to make the online world more accessible to all.

We want to help families share experiences and communicate in a safe online environment

How have we done this

We developed Amba – An easy to use organisation and communication device

Make Video Calls – Send Messages – Share Photos – Track Appointments – Respond to an Emergency 

If some of your loved ones…

Feel left behind by technology and computers

Struggle with text messaging

Find it impossible to use video calling apps

Can’t download family photos

Forget to take their medication

Need an easy secure way to stay in touch

Amba can help

“We love Amba as we are now much more connected to our Dad. He loves video calling and photo sharing. He thinks it’s funny when we send him the occasional cheeky message, and he can use his own customised replies. I would highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation to us”
Mr F (Age 53)
West Midlands
“Getting to see my Mum as often as she wants is really difficult with work, travelling and family pressures. Now we have given Mum Amba, I feel a lot less guilty. Apart from the main features, she especially likes the photo sharing”
Mr U (Age 64)
“Amba has been brilliant. I was scared of technology, and knew I was missing out. Now my youngest son who lives hours away, video calls me at least twice a week, and shares photos when he is travelling. Amba’s buttons are so big and it makes it so simple to use”
Mrs S (Age 72)