Amba has improved communication with my Mum

In this article our very own Product and Demonstrator trainer Nathan Scott explains how Amba improved communication between himself and his Mum.

“I first introduced my Mum to Amba in October 2018.  Though Mum hasn’t got dementia, she is someone who’s eyesight has deteriorated in recent years, in part due to her diabetes, but also due to her advancing years.  In addition, technology has always been something she has shown an interest in but hasn’t got to grips with.

As I live over 125 miles from my parents, I wanted to see how Amba could improve her quality of communication with me and also try to bridge some of the frustrations she has in using technology.

The build process for Amba has been focused on dementia patients, but as we are beginning to see our unique communication device appeals to a larger market. This can be people who are lonely and isloated, technophobic, individuals with learning difficulties or who want to easily be able to share personal moments in their lives.

Within 15 minutes my Mum was fully conversant in the operation of Amba.  Very quickly she was replying to my text messages using our programmed replies, making video calls and looking at photos I shared with her.

As yet we have not moved onto the calendar function, but this will be a great tool for me to see what she is up to in her day and give us something to talk about when we do speak.”

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