Talking loneliness for people living with dementia

Last week we read with interest an article released by the Alzheimers Society relating to ‘four shocking statistics behind social isolation’.

Number 1 is ‘lacking social connections can damage a person’s health as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day’ an interesting statistic, but at number 2 is ‘loneliness can increase one’s risk of developing certain diseases, such as dementia’.

Where this becomes more significant is understanding that in 2017, research conducted by Age UK found 873,000 older people have little or no contact with people over the Christmas period.

As our personal circumstances change and our jobs take us further afield, in some cases far away from home, elderly relatives often stay in their familiar home location.  Whilst modern technology can bridge the gap to stay in communication – technophobic people can find communication devices confusing.

At Amba we have developed Amba to be a unique communication device, simple and easy to use and a friend to people who may be isolated from their loved ones

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