About Amba

Amba was established by an international group of people and companies, to address and tackle some of the issues surrounding people with dementia who are living independently.  Five of the founding members each have a close relative who has dementia.  They have all experienced some of these very real problems:

Memory loss is real, frustrating & isolating

Because of memory loss, people with dementia can forget basic things, like what day it is. Apart from being frustrating, it can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.  This can feedback negatively into the person’s life.  They may withdraw and become isolated.

Ageing parents living alone

Many people, especially older people, want to live alone, and retain their independence for as long as possible.  Their families need to know that they can cope.  However, many families are separated by great distance, meaning popping in is not possible.

Older people unfamiliar with modern technology

Often, older people don’t use the modern technology that many of us take for granted.  Families might have tried to encourage them to learn how to use technology, but without constant supervision it’s often difficult.

Sometimes, even people who have previously used computers, can’t keep up with constant system ‘upgrades’, and desire more bespoke functionality.

Amba as a solution

Introducing Amba, for families to communicate with their loved ones who have dementia and to assist them in their daily activities;

  • Using touch screen technology Amba is very easy to use
  • Amba connects the User to invited family, friends and carers, creating a closed and secure care network
  • The care network and User can communicate by messaging, video calling and photo sharing, all at the touch of a button
  • Amba’s daily calendar helps organise the Users daily routines and reminders.  Remote programming lets the care network assist if needed
  • Amba’s features can benefit the User to help them remain independent in their own home for longer
  • Reassuringly, Amba is always on

Over the last two years Amba has developed Amba, to reconnect families and overcome these common difficulties that many families are experiencing right now.


Amba system overview

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