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(Use Android 5.1 minimum, 8.9 inch tablets and above)

Members can also login via any Windows PC or laptop at amba.online

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Amba will be available to buy online very soon!

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Still not sure? Here are 10 good reasons to buy… 
They don't have many visitors

Amba is an important communication and organisational device for Families with elderly loved ones who live alone. Loneliness is known to have a negative effect on mental and physical health - if you can't visit, regular video calls will help. Amba makes staying in touch easier than ever.

They often forget what they are doing, or have done

Amba helps with reminders so Users can live independently. Additionally, as you have access to their daily reminders you can see what they should be doing, receive alerts if they forget to do something and have your own reminders of what they have done so you can ask them about it on your next video call

I'd love to have better conversations

Telephone calls can be repetitive, often boring and one dimensional. With video calling on Amba the experience can be more meaningful e.g by seeing the User, a Member can comment positively on their appearance or become aware of any obvious problems. Users could also say hello and see their grandchildren.

Sometimes I want to check they're ok without calling

Amba is designed for anything from a quick message to check in with the User, to a full quality Video call. For some select Members the monitoring option (Camera turned on) can be enabled.

I worry they think I don't care about them as I'm so busy

With often very busy lives Members need to remind the User that the Family does care and are in touch. Telephone calls are often not enough. Messaging, Video calling and sharing of Photos are excellent ways to keep the User up to date, and involved with their Families lives. With Members receiving alerts in the case of a missed appointment in the Users calendar, and subsequent contact, the User is aware how much the Family care.

They cannot use Mobile Phones, Tablets or Laptops

Amba is simple to use for the User and keeps the Family more involved in their lives. Modern technology, far from becoming easier, can become harder for some older people. Some people think for example FaceTime or Skype are easy to use, however for some of the older generation they are confusing and too complicated. In addition the Tablet or Mobile phone may not be in a static position when being used, making the quality of video calls poor. Amba makes video calling easy and reassuring.

I want to help them feel more relevant

Users both at home or in care are seeing improvements by having Amba in their lives. Many older people spend hours of their time alone watching television, in some cases one channel only. Amba can help to break this sometimes unhealthy sedentary routine. Amba promotes interaction and increased activity leading to a more stimulating experience.

Other video call software such as Skype etc are open network and unsecure

Amba operates with a secure, closed network giving peace of mind to Families and the User. Members are only able to contact the User by invitation from the Primary Family Member (usually the person buying Amba for their Elder relative or friend). The User will not receive unwanted messages or invitations from strangers.

I wish I could visit them more often

Amba helps some Family members who have very busy lives and may feel guilty if they can’t visit as often as they would like. Video calling and messaging helps bridge the gap.

I'm not sure they could use Amba, even though it looks easy to use

With a little coaching and practice most older people will be able to use Amba. Some Users may choose not use all of the features which is still an improvement over what they currently have, and enhances their quality of life. If Amba stops working Family Members are alerted. With automatic software updates and Amba returning to the home screen if left idle for a set time period, the User will always return to Amba in a familiar state. The User will never been asked to update Amba in anyway.



Amba is available in a choice of five colours:


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“We recently had a family BBQ and my Mum was able to ‘join us’ for a couple of hours. She chatted to the kids by video call from her Amba. It was as if she was here with the family, she loved it.” – Mr A, Yorkshire (Age 60)